A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

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    Re: A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

    In response to redsoxpride34's comment:

    In response to moonslav59's comment:

    josh johnson would have fit the bill but likw usual ben missed out as he was too afraid to spare his beloved prospects. we should have got reyes and johnson from the jays, but ben couldnt get the deal done. (whats new) zach grienke? sox passed, anibal sanchez? same thing, josh hamilton? passed. all the money saveed from last year has  been put towards worse players. 

    softy despised all of your suggestions, so I don't see how you can say he "hit the nail on the head".


    i was referring to the fact that i agreed with him that the sox have basically wasted all the money they saved and have not assemble a better team. 

    Everyone should agree with that, even the blind squirrel.

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    Re: A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

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    The problem you that you don't see the players as the product. They are. Once you understand that you won't get jealous over salaries.

    In fact, the problem is that you don't see the players as a lousy product. They are. Once you understand that it's a rip off to pay for a Rolls and get a Volt then you won't be so defensive of the embarrassing falure that is Red Sox Big Labor and the idiots who selected them.

    2013 is a transational year. This team needs the Bogaerts, Bradleys, and Barneses to get here, and last September the Looneys, Valencias and Gomezes weren't Major League talent. This team now has the ability to wait and has Major League Talent.

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    Re: A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

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    Re: A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

    In response to Softlaw1's comment:

    The guy that got 142 mil was worth it at that time based upon other contracts that were given. Just because he did not perform does not make it a bad contract at the time it wears made. Your assessment is hindsight 20/20 vision

    You make my case with your own words. No, he wasn't "worth it at the time". My vision was foreward, while managment's vision was 20/20 backwards. I don't have any doubt that you are unable to know the difference, and neither is the incomptent Red Sox management.

    I do know the difference I'm not sure you know how contracts are negotiated.
    So based upon your comment is any player worth the next contract he signs?

    If you sign a contract with a law firm it is based upon what you have done in the past and the company hopes/believes you can do the same for them in the future.

    every contract is based upon what the player has done and that you hope/believe he will do the same for your team That is how it works.

    But you don't see it that way Do you.

    Btw CC was worth it as he was the best OF that year and had better years than Werth who got almost as much as CC.

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    Re: A Little 2012 v. 2013 Payroll Math

    Sorry Jim, but even if CC gave us his career or previous 3 year norm for the first 2-3 years of the deal and then slowly declined with age, he still would have not been worth $142M/7.

    Even at today's prices, would anyone offer him $100M/5 right now? $80M/5? 

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