A Realistic look at 2012: Part I

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    Boom, you must have a direct line to BV's office.  Are we going to see you  on the top step, leaning against the railing before the year is over?  I see that Khalish is on the 60 day disabled list...can someone tell me what's wrong with him?  This does not seem to be good for his future going forward.  I can't help but think of Lowrie and his potential--for which we waited and waited.  
    Posted by Critter23


    I'm more likely to be one of the fat guys back on the bench. One of the "gerbles" as Bill Lee called his coach ( I'm getting old, I can't remember the guy's name! The guy Pedro dropped to the ground in the fight with he Yanks! I don't have time to look him up ).

    Kalish had a shoulder operation and some neck problems. Think he might just stop diving on every play in the OF now? He's dropped to #11 on the new sox prospects projections now ( they haven't been posted in the primary list yet but I imagine they will be soon ). Pretty substantial changes. Lavarnway is now #3, Middlebrooks #2, Bogaerts #1.

    Pretty small sample on Bogaerts so far. That situation could skyrocket on the national charts or he could be #10 for us by year end. Cechinni is probably a better bet for a fast rise but Bogaerts definitely has superstar potential. 

    I'd absolutely love to see Swihart hit .330 this year in Greenville with at least a little pop. He is a great player to watch. Special type of athlete. We are going to really appreciate him also guys!

    Lot's of people think Ellsbury could make a few more plays in the OF sometimes but except for the injury with Beltre, Ellsbury stays on the field fairly well.

    Here is another prediction Moon. Ellsbury is for real. I expect another monster year. It would be hard to top being #2 in the mvp vote last year but the guy seems to be positioned to be right there again if he can stay healthy. Maybe even more pop. Incredible projection huh! He is an amazing talent. A guy like that can carry a team and we have several guys like that. His numbers last year were insanely great. I actually thought he should have been the MVP.

    I think I read Moon saying Pedroia had the best OPS of any 2nd baseman in the majors last year. Another tremendous stat which puts Pedey right up there also. What a privelege it is to watch that guy play also. Great defensively and a human quote machine also. What a guy to have on the team!

    I feel like it's Thanksgiving all summer. We really are spoiled guys!

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    Re: A Realistic look at 2012: Part I

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    In Response to Re: A Realistic look at 2012: Part I : Boom - Good point on pitching to contact.  I have been more optimistic than some re: Bard starting in part because of some changes to how Bard pitched last year.  His GB rate went up and I think that might, MIGHT indicate he will be able to keep his pitch counts lower than a pure strikeout guy.  If he can do that and still bring the filthy stuff when he needs the K he could be pretty darn good. You mention losing one of the less productive pen guys when Cook comes up.  Since Cook won't be sent to the BP, who do you see moving from the rotation to the the pen?  If Bard is really stinking it up, I can see him being moved in a heartbeat but if he and Douby are both decent ...?  I mean, that would be a nice problem to have but you have to wonder what they would do.  If Cook isn't injured or suddenly forgets how to throw he is too valuable to let go but do you derail two young cheap starters for a one year rental?
    Posted by 111SoxFan111

    Assuming Cook does well enough to be brought up, we have to bring him up or we lose him around 5/1. I think he probably is a spot starter at that point and long reliever. One of the guys in the pen go. Not a starter unless there is an injury probably.

    Just my opinion. Who knows?

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    Re: A Realistic look at 2012: Part I

    If Cook does well, he will be here by may 1st.