A Realistic Look at 2012: Part II

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    Re: A Realistic Look at 2012: Part II

    As said above, if the Sox were to trade either Salty or Lavarnway, at this moment Salty gets more in return. But I'd bet that the Sox will get more from Salty than from Lavarnway long-term -- if Boston can afford Salty. Trading a catcher -- a catcher -- who's on Salty's current trajectory frankly gives me the wilis. Top fight catchers are just too hard to come by. And very important to a baseball team.
    We are seeing Salty perform day in and day out at the ML level -- consistently at a high level so far. I thought heretofore stamina was the concern, not consistency. I'm not even sure what "consistency" means in this context. No slumps? No defensive lapses? Not consistently smart in handling pitchers? None of this is showing so far. Why worry about it at least until there are strong signs that it's happening -- and for more than a few games?
    Lavarnway may very well be a better hitter and at least the equal defensively of Salty down the road. But that is pure conjecture. And can we wait to see what Lavarnway does in a full year at AAA, while Salty is catching in Boston? I'd say that in order for the Sox to consider trading Salty, Lavarnway needs to have a much ( much ) better year in AAA than Salty has in the bigs. At least that is the way these things are usually done. You hang onto a player who's doing better in tougher competition.  Unless there are extraordinary circumstances.  
    Cerebral? I dunno, Salty looks to me as though he's shaping up to be one smart cookie behind the plate -- as I've watched his pitch-calling and his management of pace and rhythm. 
    I understand the enthusiasm for Lavarnway, up to a point, and would understand it even more if the catcher the Sox have been waiting for did not appear to have arrived. 
    I guess we're all making bets here -- fortunately at no real cost. 
    Money could be the decider if Salty decides to wait to become a free agent before signing with anyone. He might be traded before then. This winter? I doubt it. So to start 2013, if Ortiz is aboard, Salty and Lavarnway are in effect competing for the job. I think that is a risky situation. 
    OK, if I were the GM, and Salty continues to have the kind of year he's started, I'd say to him we'd like to extend you for five years at ( ?????? ). If a deal is struck, I'd then try to trade Lavarnway. Or, if Ortiz leaves, I might propose to Lavarnway a main job as DH, with some service behind the plate. I would not bet on his going for that arrangement. Not if he wants to be a ML catcher.
    OK, cards are on the table. 
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    Re: A Realistic Look at 2012: Part II

    Moon, yes I meant "Salty" and not "Softy" of whom I would never say he is not appreciated enough.  Thanks for that catch.
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    Re: A Realistic Look at 2012: Part II

    First, Moon, let's see how Lavarnway performs this season before we talk about splitting the catching duties with Salty. As you know, I have serious reservations about that arrangement anyway. My guess is that the Sox will settle on one or the other or not both.

    I agree, unless Papi walks this winter, but we've already been over this.

    I picked up on "hard to ignore" because the phrasing struck me as portentous, based on such a small simple, so early in the year.

    Point taken. I'm fine with putting this on the back burner until October, but like I said, I am happy with the direction Salty is going.
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    Re: A Realistic Look at 2012: Part II

    With about a 100 games to play, only 2 teams in MLB are more than 10 GB the wild card slot!

    (Cubs and Padres)

    My guess is that by the deadline Minnesota, KC, Oakland, Seattle, Houston, Colorado, and Milwaukee will be out of it as well. 

    It's amazing how Baltimore and Pittsburgh are within 1 game of a slot. The Mets and Indians are within 2! That may all change over the next 7 weeks.