A Realistic View at 2014: Part I

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    Re: A Realistic View at 2014: Part I

    In response to ampoule's comment:

    In response to jidgef's comment:

    Couldn't get that last post through until I changed t h r e e s o m e  to trio, lest my post be interpreted as p o r n;)

    You closet rascal, you...LOL

    Methinks the editors are reading far too much into these posts. This is a baseball thread and I'm too old for t h r e e s o m e s, so rascal or otherwise you nailed me. Now I wonder if I can say nailed, but then you said closet;). What a crazy world we inhabit!

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    Re: A Realistic View at 2014: Part I

    With the departure of Dempster and his salary, we also have the roster flexibility to fill some holes that arise over the course of the season.


    Out of curiosity, was Dempster's choice all his own.  What I mean is did he have an option and just choose not to exercise it?  If so, it certainly says LOADS for his character since I'm sure he was aware of bottom of the rotation jam.

    For a person to not to pick up millions for the good of the team etc. is astonishing.

    I almost hope he returns for a curtain call of some sort.


    There was no option.  He was guaranteed $13.25M but chose to give it up and take a year off.

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    Re: A Realistic View at 2014: Part I

    Today's report from the fort...The day began with a very proud moment for this intrepid reporter as the coveted mayor's trophy, the real highlight of the 2013 season, was formally presented before the game as a result of the Sox beating the Twins in Spring Training last year. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

    The team did introduce every one in the organization before the game. The biggest ovations went to Farrell, Uehara, Pedroia and of course Ortiz. It was a nice moment with all three World Series trophies on the field at the time. Then Anthony Renaudo went out and threw two perfect innings and looked very good. The Cuban pitcher Dailer Hinajosa (sp?), pronounced Dan Jones, had a solid third and a dismal fourth, which he didn't finish. I think he left with a whiplash injury as balls were flying by him at a frightening pace. He was followed by Andrew Miller who walked the house, gave up a sac fly, then left so someone not even listed on the program could give up a bases clearing double. The scoreboard actually listed the Red sox pitcher as "unknown". Eventually they brought in another guy not listed on any program but who's uniform said he was Rebot or something like that and he tried to set the all time spring training record for time between pitches. When I finally came to he had allowed a couple runs on about fourty pitches with about a minute and a half between each pitch.

    Oh! The joys of ST!


    Offensively things were not much better. Napoli got their only two hits in the first five innings. Brentz hit a towering home run but played rightfield like it was mined. He commited one error that allowed a run and has no clue what the term "cut-off man" comes from, derivation or definition, so everyone who singled to right got a free pass to second base.

    I had heard he was a good fielder...


    A followup to yesterday's game that I forgot to mention, Bradley got two hits, one of which should have helped keep a rally going as it followed a Lavarnway single with no outs. But Lavarnway was plunked by the line drive so he was out and Bradley got credit for a single. A major-leaguer should be able to avoid a line drive, especially since there was not a hit and run or steal on. The funniest part about it was the firstbaseman picking it up and touching the bag and Bradley thought he was out. The college umpires called him out and I felt like only a handfull of people in the building knew the rule, which is the hit runner is out, the ball is dead, and the batter gets credit for a base hit. Eventually the umpires figured it out and Bradley got his second hit. But man is Lavarnway slow!

    I never hear BILL complain about "the next Carlton Fisk's" speed.  Hmmm...