at 5-9 for the "big two" it is very easy to see why this team is where they are.  A reversal of their putrid records takes a .500 club from 55-55 and gives them a solid 63-47 record and in an honest to goodness fight with the Yankees for the East division  title and no mere talk of chasing the newly created second wild card. They would be 1 game out and tied in wins to be precise with the Yankees enjoying 2 games in hand at 63-45.  In my mind this is where they should be despite all of the injuries which tally above 1100 missed games combined  which is an MLB record. For all of the talk about the excessive injuries they really are not the primary issue with this team amazingly enough.

This highlights just how poor Beckett and Lester have been this season and for the final month of last season. They should rightfully be embarassed and to his credit Lester seems to be.