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A total rebuild was the better long-term option

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    Re: A total rebuild was the better long-term option

    In response to Softlaw1's comment:

    You don't even understand your infatuation with pitchers from elsewhere and your vacillation on which one strikes your fancy on different days of the week.

    I guess you fail to understand that there are several pitchers out there that are better than our 5.00 conglomerate.

    I certainly think my choices blow J guthrie out of the water.

    You said the same thing to me last winter while I was lobbying for a Reddick and others for Gio Gonzalez. Later, you tried to minimize Gio's quality of performance with your tired old "He's an NL pitcher that would flounder in the AL east" crahpola. Even adding a run to Gio's ERA would have made him our best starter last year.