Again I ask

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    Re: Again I ask

    FenJack, call off the dogs...Ells is back in there...
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    Re: Again I ask

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    For once, I think Terry and Theo have a plan.  Yes, they are treating their players like wussies...but think about it.  We could pretty much sleepwalk into the playoffs at this point, barring any really catastophic callapse.  Wouldn't it be better to go into them with a healthy and rested group of guys, rather than a tired and bruised group?  If giving Jacoby, Youk, Ortiz and whomever else might need copious amounts of time off the TLC they need to get us a healthy 1-5 in the line-up, I'm OK with it.
    Posted by pennasoxfan67

    First and foremost, that means conceding 1st place in the ALE to the Yankees, and I'm not sure I agree with that strategy.  I'd rather play the winner of the ALC than the Rangers (for obvious reasons!).

    Other than that, I agree with you, with this caveat:  It's necessary to get these guys together on the same field at the same time for an extended time before the playoffs start. 
    There's a lot to be said for players being comfortable within the team, whether it's knowing who's beside you in the field of who's batting ahead of you or behind you in the lineup. 

    IMO this could go on for another three weeks or so, 'til mid September.  IF they decide to go with "your" stragegy, THEN Tito has to put his team on the field again so they can get comfortable before the playoffs.
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    Re: Again I ask

    Ortiz should go on the DL. He's already been out for 9 days. The Red Sox are wasting a valuable roster spot. Shelf him for another 6 days by placing him on the 15-day DL retroactive to when he last played. Call up an extra reliever or bench player.
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    Re: Again I ask

    david, excellent, excellent point. What a waste of a roster spot.