Well folks, some of you are not going to like this eye-witness report on the San Diego Teflon Don, but here it is;
 He's hitting .269 with just 4 HR's and 29 RBI in the middle of your Boston Red Sox line-up. (212 AB) He opened his first month in Boston with 1 HR 15 RBI and .315 (105 AB). He finished September with 4 HR 14 RBI .318. (88 Ab) Thats 405 AB's totalling 9 HR and 58 RBI in about half of his AB's (842) with the Sox.
  Now in May and June of last year, he was better than advertised; May, 9 HR 31 RBI .341 (123 AB), then June 6 HR 25 RBI .404 (99 AB)
  For 222 AB's he was the next Ted Williams, insert reminder (small sample size) here. Most of time he's been more like Vanessa Williams, nice of him to play a little RF for us, he was great for two months, that's true, the classic small sample size.