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AGon or Texeira

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    Re: AGon or Texeira

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    In Response to Re: AGon or Texeira : I'm not sure about the defensive edge KT.  Yeah, Tex surely has more lateral range, but Gonzo makes up for it with his uncanny reflexes and good hops snaring line drives.  And the defensive X factor surely goes to Gonzalez with his picking of throws in the dirt (probably a 1Bs most important skill, and certainly more imortant than lateral range, especially with pedey playing second).  I have not seen a guy pick dirt-throws like this since ... well ... Youk.
    Posted by SpacemanEephus

    I can certainly live with your assessment, Spaceman, and as someone else said of AG's defense, he is still somewhat recovering from the surgery - and we definitely are in agreement on how he picks the short hops from his infielders!  He's a great all around player and fun to watch.