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Alas Cleveland

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    Alas Cleveland

    Alas, Cleveland.. . We hope not to echo your success.


      The last team to set a long a run of sell outs as the Red Sox was the Cleveland Indians, a poorly  built sentence, for sure, but one that is no more untoward as the immediate future of our dear Red Sox.


      Cleveland had the record for sell outs, which the Red Sox eclipsed with ease.  I am not bothering to address the issue of how honest or dishonest it may be, the record still stands.


      But at the end of Cleveland's long run, a longer run of futility ensued.


      I ha™ve thought about this simply because the Red Sox have no guarantees to return to relevance to the rest of the league and MLB any time soon.  It doesn't change my allegiance or my love for the Sox, but I do admit it was more fun being a Sox fan for the last several seasons.  Again, not addressing any side issues, it was arguably great fun to see Big Papi and Manny come to the plate back to back.  It was great fun watching quirky old Pedro pitch.  He had fun and took the fun out of the other guys'™ bats.  Foulke'™s big year and Papelbon's odd semi-Irish Irish was fun.  Cowboying up and the Idiots were fun.  Being down by 6 or 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th was never a reason for despair.  And there is no way to quantify the 2004 season.  I'm very grateful for 2007, but '04 was undeniably in a place of its own.  Really, there were too many times to list.

      Then there were the peripherals.  Watching the Sox with Dad.  He shoved all six of us plus a good friend or two of mine into the old 1961 Rambler Classic and we would head down to the Fens€ and for the grand total of $8, all eight of us would populate the bleachers.  Dad would negotiate a parking fee with locals so as to be able to pahk the cah.  Those were the days -€ until watching with him in the last decade before he passed.  A few games together in 2007, sharing his pleasure with the team in general but in Pedey particularly.  He loved the little dynamo that charged forward no matter what others said he could do.

       But Cleveland has been a seat of futility since those days of its run.  Before as well, but I'™m only chronicling the time around the sell out streak.

       Now, I feel better since the hire of Farrell, in large part because of the reaction of the players.  But it is still quite likely it will be a while before we enjoy teams like those running up to and including the Francona era.  We may never see twin boppers like the above mentioned, but we will likely still see some strong teams soon.  I like what I've seen and, more properly, you all have educated me about our farm prospects and await the impact they will have in the bigs.

      But there is that nagging thought about poor Cleveland - may it not be unto us as it has been unto them!

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    Re: Alas Cleveland

    I don't know where the odd AA inserts come from ... I've changed them several times.  I saw a CommieC's post filled with them.  Oh well.


    Off to worship.