Peter Abraham just wrote that Farrell said 11 pitchers and that Bradley is out. 

That makes sense because the 14 positions players are pretty easy to pick:  Salty, Ortiz, Napoli, Pedroia, Drew, Middlebrooks, Nava, Ellsbury, Victorino, Ross, Carp, Gomes, Bogaerts, and Berry.  Berry over Bradley because you can be pretty sure he will get a chance to pinch run late in a close game. 

4 starters are even more obvious--Lester, Lackey, Buchholz, and Peavy.

7 relievers are tougher:  Uehara, Breslow, Tazawa, Dempster, Thornton, Workman, and Morales--4 righties and 3 lefties--I think. 

I theorized 6 relievers to make room for Bradley (or McDonald) and because the Sox don't have 7 good relievers.  But I guess that's the point:  when the bullpen is unreliable, the manager needs more options.