Andrew Mitch Prediction

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    Andrew Mitch Prediction

    posted at 6/7/2014 2:08 PM EDT

    • andrewmitch
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    I believe I stated last month, just wait until August 17th. The Red Sox will be trying to avoid a 4 game sweep at HOME vs the Mighty Astros. And by 5PM that Sunday evening you will see just how low the Sox have allowed themselves to sink. Easily ahead of pace for a 100 loss season and officially tagged as the single most embarasing team one year following a World Series Title. Don't believe me? Go back and read the posts. And if you missed it, I urge you once again to mark August 17th down on your calendars so you can witness history. I will warn you to turn it of immediately after the last out is made unless you want to see a celebration of the other team on your home field because to the Astros, that will be the closet thing they get to a World Series Championship.



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    Re: Andrew Mitch Prediction

    Andrew I was one of the contributors, who agreed with you actually, about the same time they went to Houston. They had pretty much fallen to depths the Sox weren't accustomed to and the danger of losing the series in Houston was a real possibility.

    I am looking at the Sox winning another series 3 games to one. It wouldn't surprise me to see some excellent pitching on both sides. If Ue and Mujica, Bad Hop and Layne can continue their stellar pen work and Taz can add to his last performance then get something from Breslow and Workman there  should be no reason we  shouldn't win 3 if not 4.

    The hitting has become more timely and the Sox seem to be playing better all around ball. The pressure is off the Sox now and they can play relaxed and real spoilers.  I'd like to see Cespy back in with Nap and Ortiz in the center of the lineup.