anyone else having an issue with spell check?

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    Re: anyone else having an issue with spell check?

    In response to southpaw777's comment:


    Bunch of comedians here huh? lol... I have a right click add-on for firefox, and if you right click it should/has been an option. Now it isnt, but only on BDC. It works on at least 4-6 other sites that Ive been to.

    With all the issues this site has had to deal with over the last few months and a webmaster who either isnt getting paid or doesnt have the experience to actually fix whats wrong, I imagine this is a BDC issue rather than a my Mac issue.


    I feel bad because I was going to say this thread was worth putting here just because it WAS so funny to read. But probably for you, it's not. I never understood people who placed so much emphasis on spelling, when the content is what should really matter.


    Until your spell check comes back, let's hope posters don't harp on every mistake in any post you make, and also consider that there may be other posters who have the same difficulty. I mean who cares how you spell? I remember a poster here being called out on his posts, and he told the board that he was deaf. I mean you just don't know what someone is overcoming just to post on a sports forum. I don't understand the abuse over such stupid issues.

    And don't feel bad, I can spell without spellcheck, and I annoy PLENTY of posters. Let's put that into perspective. :)

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    Re: anyone else having an issue with spell check?

    Chocking? Choking? Thanks for all the spelling help yesterday re. these two I finally went to Chrome and was able to correct my mistake on my original post, but what are  fellow posters for, you let my misspelled word live in infamy.


    Francoma? Framcoma?

    You'd think BDC would think of every possible way to clean up the board by installing a workable spell check.