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    Re: Anyone notice that Pike and Softlaw left at the same time?

    In response to tom-uk's comment:

    In response to 67redsox's comment:

     I like him and believe that he is a good man.


    Hey 67,

    Just to be a "good man", I'm going to channel my inner Softy and treat you just like he treated other posters.


    "You are one stupid woman, how else can it be explained that you ignore the constant insults Softy delivered to those who dared to mention what he was wrong about.  And there was plenty because history shows he was wrong about his favorites (AGon, Lugo, Hall, Paterno, Cameron, Middlebrooks(so far)) and wrong about his hate figures (Ells, Ortiz, Lowrie, Wakefield,...).

    You and the other brain cell challenged sycophants (Bill, Burrito,..) condone his insults.  How can you like someone who can never admit he is wrong and a lawyer?

    It is not your fault that you are stupid, but you should smack your parents."


    Of course, I didn't mean any of that, I was just trying to be likeable. Go Sox.


    Tom o'Bedlam, that's still not strong enough to knock the monkey off of Craig Hansen's back.  

    Speaking of monkeys on the back, Brandon Snyder has an 800-pound gorilla on his.  

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