This is not simply a man in a slump. This is a guy so demoralized at the plate that I almost have to turn away from watching him bat. He's just so.....sad. I think if the shoulder isn't the problem, (and I have no assurity that this is true), then I must assume it's the attempt to change his approach at the plate that's ruining him. This was a stud power hitter who arrived last season, a man who could hit for average AND crush the ball for home runs. But, as everyone here knows, a true power hitter longs to pull the ball. When was the last time you saw Adrian crush an inside pitch into the right field bleachers? He simply makes no attempt to do this anymore, and I think it's killing us. He slaps balls the opposite way ala Wade Boggs, and his power numbers are now comparable to him. Is this what we want for $22 million a year? Come on!! It's time for Valentine to stop the foolishness begun last season, and let this guy do what he's been doing for years-demoralize opposing pitching staff's! HE SHOULD WAIT FOR A GOOD PITCH AND LET LOOSE!!! Stop with the relentless pitch counting obsession, the slappa dappa to the opposite field nonsense,etc. Let this man swing away already!!! He is the heart of our batting order, and he's been just killing us. This should be addressed as the emergent situation it truly is, and remedied immediately. Getting Crawford and Ells back will sure help us, but it won't mean much if we have a Julio Lugo equivalent hitting 3rd in our line-up.