In response to georom4's comment:

wait -  we have GOMES and a first base coach now....


70 win season here we come!


stellar work ben!!!!!!

Take a look at the Jays getting all the big names first anf their coaching staff is not assemble yet. Did Red Sox do something similar before and it back fire. Coaching staff first, 40 man roster next smart move. Gomes is 20 mill. for 2 seasons a bit steep, but hit well against east div. pitchers and even has Beurhle's number. An added bonus he actually had a brawl playing the Yanks sounds like Sox material to me. He will get the odd starting line up and be good pinch hitter. Cherry has 90 mill to spend on other players and he sticking to his promise not to disrupt the future and get this back to contenders not a overnight fix.

Cherington still has some players he can used to get a needed trade, Don't worry be happy!

Happy american thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday.