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Ridiculous article, ridiculous OP.  Nothing new from either of them, just more wishful thinking and small sample size idiocy (his 5 for 26 since "the incident" is apparently a good thing, showing improvement...huzzah!  Huzzah!  I say again, huzzah!).

[/QUOTE]   We wouldn't expect a veteran T-BALLER to understand the value of a ballplayer !!!   I bet you always enjoyed the ice-cream on the way home !!!   Those are moments that you will never forget !!!


Me:  "Bill, what's your analysis of Beckett's 2011 season?"

Bill:  "I don't remember him winning any big games."  Hahaha



[/QUOTE]  Son, 2011 ???   Really, spare me/us ......   How is the "FAT-CAT-BARRRR$TAD" DOING NOW ????    The Dodgers are soooo lucky to have a great pitcher like that on their staff !!!


The point, obvious to all bar you, is that you are unable to form an intelligent opinion on anything.  Prove me wrong....what's your view on Beckett's performance for the Dodgers so far?

[/QUOTE]  Does it MATTER ???  He has done very little for the Dodgers investment since the trade, as has A-Gon, Crawford has not come out of the recovery room yet from Tommy John !!!!   2011 ?? Let it go...... What have ya done for me/us lately ????