In Response to Re: August 15 Game Thread Sox vs Orioles:
In Response to Re: August 15 Game Thread Sox vs Orioles : No, I was not referring to Reddick the overrated fluke.  I was referring to the guy who handled losing his starting job with absolute class.  The guy who continued to celebrate with his teammates after losing his job.  The guy who many guy considered the "most down to earth" player on the team.  The guy who kept himself ready when he was a bench player, and bailed out a struggling Ellsbury in 2008. The guy with more fighting spirit than anyone on the current red sox.  The guy who would consider Luke Scott's words fighting words.  The guy who wasnt afraid to take on 2 guys at once (1 of which being a power hitter w 40 lbs on him). Any other guesses?
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Well, I suggested bringing Coco back in the off season was laughed off of that thread.

However, I could make a strong argument that the Coco fight was the beginning of the decline for the Red brought the Rays team closer together and the suspensions hurt us......