aviles traded agian....

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    Re: aviles traded agian....

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    It's foolish to trade a player for a manager because it allows subsequwent deals involving utility infielders and awful relief pitchers?


    The idea seems silly to me, but really, what was Aviles future here?  Was he even going to be tendered a contract?   and if he was, what was his role? The best case for him in ST was that he would be the favorite in the 3-way battle for utiltiy infilder with Ciriaco and DeJesus...

    IMO, any player is worth far more than a manager. Aviles as a UI is worth more than Farrell as a manager. Aviles also could have been used as a part of a deal to aquire a useful player.


    He also might have been non-tendered.


    So they used a player we might have thrown away to get the manager they had a bizarre fixation on.


    In the end, I can live with this, maybe because the early "Buchholz / Farrell" reports were scary and Aviles seemed like a much more reasonable price.  I never wanted Farrell, but its not like I was making posts teeming with better candidates.  OK, I pledged some support to Sal Fasano, but really, wht do I know about him as a manager?

    exactly. he is the best guy for the job. aviles was the cost. so be it. lets move on

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    Re: aviles traded agian....



    I'd rather play for the Indians than the Blue Jays.   LOL