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Bad prediction, darn good manager

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    Bad prediction, darn good manager

    Friday or yesterday I wrote a piece that thankfully died--about how the Sox have cooled and the Yankees are red hot.  True enough, but no basis for predicting the outcome in an actual Sox-Yankees game. 

    Somewhat relatedly, the more I watch Francona sort things out, the more I think of him.  He delayed Lester's start one day so he could use him to lead off Friday night against the Yankees, and stuck Bedard--a huge gamble in my mind-- in there to pitch game 4 against the Indians. 

    Bedard did fine and left the game tied, 3-3, but the bullpen gave up 4 runs for the loss.  Then Lester pitched 5 excellent innings Friday against the Yankees, only to stumble badly in the 6th, giving up 3 runs and the lead, 3-2.  In both cases Francona's moves put the Sox in position to win.  They just couldn't execute.  Finally, yesterday's game, Lackey v. Sabathia, looked to me like a terrible move.  But Francona had seen that Lackey really wasn't pitching that badly (except for his last start) and that Sabathia struggles this year against the Sox (and the Sox only--Sabathia will likely get the Cy Young).  Now tonight he finishes with the real ace, Beckett.  Don't forget that tonight is the 17th consecutive game for the Sox without a break, and the Sox are 10-6 in the first sixteen. 

    And the other stuff.  He's got a pretty good lineup but correctly tweaks the 6th thru 9th slots, including inserting righty-hitting Aviles into RF yesterday.  As it turns out, it was the other two lefty-hitting outfielders who generated most of the Sox offense (10 runs, 7 against Sabathia), but Aviles was still a good move, plus Reddick back in there later in the game.  The Salty/Ted tandem, surely Francona's invention, continues to do well.  Who woulda thunk? 

    Managing this pitching staff has to be a challenge.  Matsuzaka and Buchholz wiped out.  Miller and Weiland not quite up to MLB starting.  Lackey on and off the DL with elbow and other issues.  Iron man Bard looking a tad wrought.   Preumptive ace Lester outpitched by Colon, undone by a rotten 6th inning, and battling command issues all year.  This year it's "Beckett or Beckett or the heck with it," except that Beckett can't win games because of no support from the hitters. 

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    Re: Bad prediction, darn good manager

    Miller and Weiland, while young and in need of more experience, are up to bottom rotation MLB starting. Wakefield isn't.

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    Re: Bad prediction, darn good manager

    Funny, I thought Wake was our 4-5 this year...oh, thats right..Your talking about your own little fantasy world bad softy..
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    Re: Bad prediction, darn good manager

    Funny, I thought Wake was 45 and fat and an ERA over 5 for over 2 years. Oh, that's right, we are talking about your good ole boy.