With all this "sky is falling" talk about Bard, the one thing I don't hear from you guys is an original idea about what to do about it.

Everybody here seems to be stuck in the 5-man rotation mode, like somehow this is writ in stone from God and can never be changed.

Does anyone here remember the decade of pitching?

In Bob Gibson's time, four day rotations were common but also a luxury. Starting pitchers expected to go three times in seven days if the competition demanded it.

But we don't even have to relive history if we could think outside the box just a little bit.

If we're trying to get six quality innings for a fifth spot, why do all six innings HAVE to be from a single starter?

We could get three innings from one bullpen guy and three from another, and in two to three days rest, they could both be ready again.

Given how well our bullpen is doing, you could even satisfy two rotation spots this way if needed.

There is an added potential benefit here: Batters get fewer looks at the same pitcher. Batters tend to touch-up pitchers more on the second and third looks, when they're more comfortable with seeing the same delivery. Starters that start SHARP, like they're SUPPOSED to, often fade in later innings.

How could this suggestion be worse than burning 6.1 innings of good relief after the game is already lost?

And why don't you guys come up with SOMETHING creative to get us out of this fifth spot hole? I'm sick and tired of hearing the same complaints over and over again with no current-staff solution suggestions.