They sure are cleaning up baseball.  Just look at Colon.  A year ago he was suspended for PEDs and this year he's having the best season of his career.  40 years old, listed at 5'11", 265, meaning he's 5'10" 280, and an ERA of 2.50.  That's almost a full run lower than last year when he was suspended for PED use.

he should write a book on how he has been able to be better without PEDs than with PEDs.

and he's not just better - this is his best season of hs career. 

readers want to know - how does he do it?

not an Arod fan, but they should either ban Colon for life or get off Arods back.  Dude hasn't hit over 280 since 2009.  Granted, he was juiced in 2007, the year the yanks broke the bank for him, but he's been since.  That's probably why the Yanks are pushing for the long suspension.  They're mad that he isn't following Colons lead and juicing up.