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    Re: BDC DOTTIE: fix your security certificate! every browser warns me about coming in, says you are a HIGH RISK!

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    The cheerleaders on this Board are a high risk to reality.



    Nahhh!  We actually know that the Sox can't possibly keep rolling at this clip!  It's awesome to watch, and fun to cheer for!  Yes Stiffy!!!  CHEER FOR!  The difference with us???

    1)  We know Papi's contract was a golden parachute!  We know the Sox could have re-signed him for 1/2 what they GAVE him, especially considering the injury.  We know the contract was not wise!!!!  As opposed to you.....  once the deal was done, we were over the money issue.  NOW....  We are simply rooting for him to return to form, despite the realities of how his body will likely not hold up over the next 2 years.  WE are simply ROOTING for OUR GUY!!  The same guy who has given us SO MUCH over the last decade.  YOU?????   You simply want to be 'proven' right with your pathetic little gm wannabe predictions.  You're trying to SHORT the Papi market.  OOOOOOOOOOh!  What a bold move on the market!  You so smaaat!  WE'LL keep ROOTING for OUR player.  You hate Boston & the Red Sox.  We get it.  No biggy! 

    2)  You consistently try to short the market on any RS player you think won't make bank.