I'm going to let this email exchange talk for itself.  I sent an email to Pete Abraham with my thought about the prevailing/popular opinion that John Farrell should be the next manager.  Jeez...must have been a rough year...



Rubber stamp?


I stopped right there. Not interested in being insulted by you. Thanks anyway.


Pete Abraham

Red Sox beat writer

The Boston Globe



From: Me [ytsejamer1@email.com]

Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 3:29 PM

To: Abraham, Peter

Subject: Not quite on the Farrell bandwagon


Please do not rubber stamp Farrell as the end-all, be-all best person for the Sox managing job.  I am not convinced.  BTW, good job covering the team this year.  It could not have been easy or fun.  Thanks for all your efforts and communication with people like me!

See this portion:
"This is a team that guys have the ability to be themselves within the team concept. Once that gets to the point of being a detriment to the team environment, then it's addressed. "

That to me, sounds like Tito Francona - who became a pushover last year by the entitled sox players.  I do not want a guy who is not going to stay on top of young players until long after it becomes a detriment to the team.  Vizquel had it right.  If someone is doing something that should be coached differently I do not want a manager to wait until something worse happens.

"It's part of the inexperience," Vizquel said. "If you make mistakes and nobody says anything about it -- they just let it go -- we're going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. We have to stand up and say something right after that mistake happened. "

Is Vizquel available for managing the Sox?

I know - I am sorry - it comes from ESPN




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