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    Beckett in LA

    Although no Sox fan owes Josh Beckett anything  (just as he owes us nothing), my hope for him is that he becomes a little better with public relations in LA.  If he can add this skill, he will have a much better time in LA whether he pitches better or not.

    He just cannot be as bad a guy as he came off to be in Boston for the last year.
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    Re: Beckett in LA

    I hope Beckett has a good year in LA.
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    Re: Beckett in LA

    It looks like Beckett's bad attitude wasn't just confined to his later years with the Sox because I heard that Dodger analyst Kenny Lofton told a story on air today about how his Marlin's teammates hated him and wouldn't come to his defense when Beckett brawled with Lofton earlier in their careers.

    Also heard Kevin Kennedy say that a FO friend told him that Beckett was hated in the Sox clubhouse too, so I don't think it was just the Boston media and fans that despised him.