Ben Cherington Incompetence and Grades

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    Re: Ben Cherington Incompetence and Grades

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    You need to ask two questions in general.  1) Did they spend alot of money?  Yep.  2) Did they improve the product on the field?  I dont see it.  I'd of rather gone with kids and had the same record give or take 5-7 wins.

    You don't get it do you...the questions everyone should be asking is 1) did they go out and sign major league players to improve the product on the field? Yep. 2) Would paying Sox fans at Fenway PArk want to absorb the highest ticket prices in baseball for the rag-o-muffins that ended the season last year?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Now my thoughts on the OP...grading the players so negatively before any of them have even taken the field is ludicrous...let's at least give these guys a chance to show what they can do here?

    • Ross - was acquired to serve as a BACKUP catcher...period!
    • Gomes - I'm not sure about why they acquired him when Ross would have been a better fit, but he'll hurt the wall at home when he's in there.
    • Napoli - although not in the fold, is likely the best 1B on the free agent market, although some might argue about LaRoche...but if healthy Napoli could do some damage at Fenway, plain and simple.
    • Victorino - Solid major league player who experienced a down year. The Sox had no intent to sign Hamilton or Upton so he was probably the next best fit for RF on the market.
    • Dempster - I don't understand the hate spewed at this guy...he has been an effective starter in the majors for years and he fills a hole in the rotation that needed to be filled. Any free agent starter would come with some level of baggage so I don't get it.
    • Uehara - a strong add for the bullpen which may provide additional flexibility if a trade is in the works.

    All in all, my guess is that no matter what players were brought in the naysayers here would criticize the move for the player being overpaid, too old, not experienced for Boston, he's not an ace/5 tool player, etc.

    There will be plenty of time to rake Cherington over the coals if these moves don't provide results but I'm sure the most common gripers here already have there comments queued up and ready to spew once any of these guys fails in a game situation.



    STOP!! You are making far too much sense here. : )

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    Re: Ben Cherington Incompetence and Grades

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     lets keep it simple ben is an idiot and his moves were idiotic   wake up people

    congrats on the dumbest post of the thread