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Big Rays Royals trade

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    Re: Big Rays Royals trade

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    One of the reasons I always liked the idea of Ben getting two good starters is that he could then make Doubront available in a trade, perhaps for J. Upton.  Ells, Bradley and Douby for Upton and a PTBNL might have actually been the start to a deal.  Then we might have seen the Sox have both Sanchez and Upton, which I agree would have made them, if not instant contenders, at least a team worth the price of admission.  But letting Haren go early, and for so little (in terms of total dollars and years commited), and not signing Sanchez BEFORE Grienke set the price (though I recognize that Ben may not have had any choice in the matter) makes your vision, unfortunately, highly unlikely.

    Ive been saying this all winter.

    1) We have the money to sign SPs that other teams do not.

    2) Other teams need pitching as much as we do.

    3) We sign 2 starters and trade a cheap pitcher or two (out of Doubie, Morales, Aceves, and Tazawa) along with some prospects for a low or lower-than-FA cost legitimat 3/4 slot hitter. I even have mentioned J upton almost as much as Brett Anderson.

    WMB will suely be in any Upton discussion. Probably Doubront as well as a SS (maybe Bogaerts). They have plenty of OF help. They dont really need any.

    They may take Doubront, Morales, Bogaerts, Cecchini and anyone over #10.

    Thats a very big maybe...They'll want top 5 prospects. Still dont think they match up very good.

    As i have said earlier, if they wanted Bradley, I'd make him part of the deal, but would try to take Bogaerts out of the offer.


    However, if they insisted on Bradley and Bogaerts, I'd go with...

    Bradley, Bogaerts, Cecchini and one of Doubront, Morales, Tazawa or Aceves.

    I think this is a better than maybe offer.