Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of him.  I was thrilled when they hired him and felt he has done a great jub with the circumstances this year.  But, he blew it last night.

Miller was in there and got Cano (a left on lefty) out.  Great!  Why did he pull Miller then?  The Yankees had 4 more lefties in a row coming up (Tex, Swisher, Ibanez, and Chavez).   Shouldn't he have just left Miller in there keep it lefty against lefty?   Was he trying to be a wise guy to have Padilla face Tex with their past history?

Either way, it wasn't smart baseball.  Yes, Padilla has been good.  But, so has Miller.  You always try to set up a lefty-lefty situation.   Valentine had that scenario already out there, and then amzaingly changed it.  Miller stays in the game, and the Sox win.