Biogenesis Scandal

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    Biogenesis Scandal

    Well, it looks like it's about to blow wide open.

    Apparently MLB will be trying to suspend 20 players, and seeking 100-game suspensions for some of them. Before we all start gloating about A-Rod, let's just hope none of our guys are incriminated.

    Of course, just because a player is affiliated with the clinic doesn't mean it was necessarily for something prohibited. MLB will have to show that the connection was for something specifically prohibited. Hopefully they'll have their ducks all lined up before they start throwing around accusations. 

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    Re: Biogenesis Scandal

    I guess you saw this on Facebook to lol.


    I hope Papi isn't on this!

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    Re: Biogenesis Scandal

    "STAND BY FOR HEAVY ROLLS, AS THE SHIP IS COMING ABOUT" !!!!!    20 BIG NAMES, the sh!! is about ready to hit the fan !!!!