They've bled every dollar and every bit of goodwll out of the team.  They're so disinterested that they've given the club over to Lucchino, who goes out of his way to prove his incompetence.

From bricks and coffee table books to the league's highest ticket prices, they've milked Fenway for all she's worth. Good Lord, they even tried to expand the bullpens to help our lefty hitt...that is, to improve safety for the pitchers.

Don't like pink hats?  These guys, Henry, Werner and LL, are the original Sweet Caroline pink hats.

And they'll do nothing from here on in except go cheap and hope for the best.  They can't admit there's a big problem because they might be held accountable.  So it's injuries, etc. etc.  They'll talk about sellout streaks and do softball interviews with WEEI and hope they get enough buzz to fill the seats, and bring eyeballs to NESN, for the forseeable future.

Blow 'em up.  Please guys, sell the Red Sox while there's still a hint of respect around the league.  Go off into the sunset with the soccer, race car, and LeBron, and hope that some real baseball people can come in and put this team back on its feet.  Until then, it doesn't look good.