Bobby Valentine applauds Bin Laden's sea burial, says it'll keep people from worshiping 'pr.ick'

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    Re: Bobby Valentine applauds Bin Laden's sea burial, says it'll keep people from worshiping 'pr.ick'

    yep, that's for sure nizzy. ya hit the nail right on the head.
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    To BGM:

    Sigh, I hate that I have to respond to the drivel posted here but I feel compelled to do so.  

    "I'll let their own words say how they feel."
    This is the most reasonable thing you've said in a long time.  Yes, let them speak for themselves.  I have no problem with your first post.  I, for one, found this woman's remarks to be an important reminder for us all.  I don't feel that this event is cause for high-fiving jubilation.  I can best describe my own feelings as a sort of grim satisfaction that some form of justice has been served and we, as a country, have completed the task we set before us a decade ago.  I am proud of our military, intelligence community and commanders-in-chief both past and present.

    I take exception to your follow-up post where you use this woman's words as a launching point for an anti-Obama diatribe.  It is unpatriotic, unwarranted and myopic.  More importantly, I think using this event to further a political point of view is an insult to all of those who suffered a loss that day.  Shame on you and everyone else who have done this.  My scorn is not reserved for any particular portion of the political spectrum ... I lump you, Rush Limbaugh and the anti-Bush camp together in my contempt.  Shame on all of you.
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    Re: Bobby Valentine applauds Bin Laden's sea burial, says it'll keep people from worshiping 'pr.ick'

    This is croc; if he personally knows individuals who've lost loved ones
    BGM: The croc is his claim of "lots".


    I will also respond to this.  I have no idea why anyone would claim another person is lying without basis or proof ... but, SoftLaw, those that lie always seem to assume the same of others.  I will relay to you my personal experience and knowledge of the events of 9/11.  I don't feel it gives my opinions any special weight.  We all have deep emotions regarding that day ... and certainly NONE of us can speak for those who suffered personal loss.  That said, I don't take accusations like yours lightly.


    I live in a small neighborhood built on landfill from the WTC site.  I have lived there for many years.  It is unique among Manhattan neighborhoods.  I know my neighbors by sight and name ... many, many people.  We picnic together, have birthday parties, share meals and watch each other’s children.  Many of our neighbors worked in WTC.  I personally know at least a dozen people who suffered losses that day: spouses, brothers, sisters, in-laws, co-workers and good friends.  I also know many people who were deeply affected in other ways.  The most notable of which is post traumatic stress disorder ... sometimes acknowledged and treated but too often not.  This is especially prevalent in those who were in the towers at the time and those who witnessed the people who jumped to avoid the fire.


    I wasn't there that day.  I was miles away doing an early morning presentation.  My wife was on her way to work just after the first plane hit.  She was watching as the second plane struck.  I was on the phone with her as she stood approximately 200-300m from the site. She described the jumpers.  From her words and the flat tone of her voice, I knew she was in shock as described their ties fluttering in the wind on the way down.  




    It took quite a while for me to overcome her first responder mentality and desire to help and convince her to get out of there.  Unable to leave the neighborhood she went back to our apartment.  I can still hear her voice as we spoke.  We were on the phone when the second tower fell.  She said something like "you should hear the sound ... it's awful" and the phone went dead.  I was unable to reach her for many hours after that.  She was eventually evacuated by ferry and sent to some facility in New Jersey.  We didn't see each other again for a few days and we spoke infrequently because her cell phone wasn't charged.  I wonder if she still carries the solar charger she bought and insisted never leave her person.  We ended up divorcing a couple of years later.  That was probably inevitable but I do know that she was deeply and negatively changed by what she saw on that awful day.  I can only wonder at the effect on those more deeply impacted.



    I for one will never forget nor ever forgive.  I still remember the smell of the smoldering wreckage as I walked by the site on my way to work each day that Fall.  The way parts of the building facade still stood and the sight of crushed fire trucks lining the streets of my neighborhood.  As I said before, I don’t think my personal experiences give me any greater claim to interpret recent events.  But I do know that those who seek to use this as a platform to voice their politics are an insult to the victims and their loved ones.

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    Re: Bobby Valentine applauds Bin Laden's sea burial, says it'll keep people from worshiping 'pr.ick'

    BGM:  By the way, I read the rest of the article you quoted and paid particular attention to what Ms. Borza actually said.  Here is a further quote:

    Borza said she hoped that the news of Bin Laden’s death would be a moment in people’s lives that would allow them to make a positive difference in their community and their world when they return to their everyday lives.


    I must note the stark contrast in content and tone between Ms Borza's message and your own when you attempted to speak for her (quoted below).  I will use a quote from one of your posts and say that perhaps you should have "let their own words say how they feel"  and left it at that.  Personally, I agree with everything SHE said.

    From BGM:
    "No one is playing this more than the AP and old media and the Obama adminstration itself. That picture of them with plugs Biden in "the war room" waiting for the "code name" is nothing short of watching John Smoltz pretend to be a sub-scratch USGA index. Now, the meeting with the survivors on his campaign stump tour. I personally know a 911 vitim's parent who will not be attending a photo op for the Obama re-election stump tour."