In response to Alibiike's comment:

The failure of the 2012 season was not solely Valentine's fault. Lot's of blame to go around.

10 years ago, he was a very good manager, but he stayed away too long and did not see the change in the team dynamic across MLB. Kinder, gentler management is the way now.


My memories are fading as the days go by thankfully looking forward to 2013 and a Sox rebuilding, but if that fading memory serves me right there were a few incidents in Spring Training that might have thrown a red flag at the player that turned them against Booby V early on. We were not in the clubhouse to witness the goings on day to day but if he was the same during training camp as he was into the season the players probably sensed that he wasn't the right man for the job so moral in the Sox clubhouse was doomed from the beginning. 

I don't blame Bobby V entirely as 50% of the blame has to go to the guys upstairs who brought him in. Knowing what we know now, that the front office was more motivated to bring in "sexy players" it's quite possible that Valentine was hired because he had a name with reputation to go with it. Obviously a huge blunder by those above. 

As for the comment above referring to Bobby V being a very good manager, he had a solid four year run with the Mets from 1997 through 2000 but overall he was only a fair to good manager. A lifetime .490 winning percentage is not very good in my book.