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When Boras sells on OPS, it means there's little else to go on

That's like saying that when Boras sells on Boggs' average, he has little else to sell.  Which could be true, but would still be meaningless.  Drew was outstanding offensively for a SS this year.  Admit it and move on.

Yeah, except for the playoffs.  OPS was used by Boras to sell JD to the Sox as a #5 hitter in the lineup.  That's why I say don't trust Boras when he's talking OPS.

And as wonderful as Stephen was, how come he regularly batted 8th in the playoffs?  Fact is, he should have been ninth.  

Let's hire Stephen for a year and let him back up Bogey.  But he should not be the starting SS.

Drew is going to get at least a 4 year deal, so "hiring him for a year" isn't an option.  Besides, I'm pretty sure isn't interested in being a "back up" at the ripe old age of "30."