I'd take Babe Ruth in a heartbeat in the bullpen...left handed, great if you need a long man, and...you can always use his bat off the bench. Even if we only count what players did in a Red Sox uniform, Ruth would be the best hitting pitcher off the bench you could pick for ANY team.

Someone mentioned Fox HAS to go ahead of Yaz "because of his numbers"...keep in mind that Yaz played in baseball's second dead ball era, whereas Foxx played during what might have been baseball's BEST offensive era. I still think Foxx wins out, but it's not fair to reduce Yaz like that

The same thing applies to Evans vs Jensen...at first glance, you might think Jensen was a better offensive player, but in actuality Evans is as good or better (many in the sabermetric community regard Evans as the most underrated player ever). Given how awesome Evans was in the field as well, it's really hard to pass on him.

I like to think Pedroia vs Doerr will be a great debate a decade from now...

If you head your rotation with anyone other than Pedro (including Clemens...are you kidding me?), you're crazy. On a quality basis, Pedro might be the best pitcher...ever...for ANY team.