Bradley/Bogaerts and Cecchini on WEEI

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    Bradley/Bogaerts and Cecchini on WEEI

    Over the past two days, I head these three young men on the radio doing different interviews. B and B were together on Monday, Cecchini today.

    #1: I can't express how impressed I am at how well spoken each one of them is. They are obviously intelligent, insightful people, who just happen to play baseball

    Bogaerts is knighted! Was in 2011. I don't know by who...but if it's Sir Elton John...heneforth, I shall refer to him as Sir Xander! That sounds like it belongs at a round table...very bad a s s. He will be wearing a tribute to his lifelong idol, Derek Jeter. If he has a decent percentage of the career Jeter has

    Bradley is already married, seems extremely grounded and level headed. Nothing seems to faze him...I have no fear of Boston being too big. He will either be a MLB player or he won't, but he certainly has the mental makeup for it.

    Cecchini (chi-kee-knee according to him) may have been the most impressive of all. Said ALL the right things when asked about where he wants to be, when, what his hopes are. He goes by the nickname 'Cheech', though knows nothing of Cheech Marin.

    My overall takeaway from these interviews, the Sox have figured out how to draft the right kind of people. I don't know if all 3 will work out, but it's like they went to school to prepare them to be PROFESSIONAL baseball players, both on and off the field. If they are representative of the kind of people and character throughout the The Sox will have a lot of youngsters to talk about for years to come.

    It made me giddy for the Sox. I love home-grown talent, and am happy they've figured it out again.

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    Re: Bradley/Bogaerts and Cecchini on WEEI

    The future is NOW!!!

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    Re: Bradley/Bogaerts and Cecchini on WEEI

    I saw both and already commented on the JBJ and Boggie.  I saw Garin and was equally impressed.  I liked his positive comments on Rich Gedman.  I haven't heard that name in a while and glad to hear he is still with the sox,