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Bradley needs re-focusing

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    Re: Bradley needs re-focusing

    "My guess is that BDC assumes that he generates many posts here and that indirectly translate into revenue for the Globe"

    You're out of your mind with these revenue fantasies. First off you seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that online newspapers are struggling with revenue models, Boston Globe when with a free/paywall combo but there's still no evidence that paywalls are going to be profitable enough. 

    Here we are in an advertising model. Do you see any ads next to this post? Maybe part of one but there are no ads running down the sides of this forum. When was the last time you clicked on an ad? You think just being on the site makes money? In fact it costs them money that you are on here consuming bandwidth with your paranoid fantasies. 

    The best I can tell is actually trying to save money on the costs of managing these forums by minimizing and/or outsourcing hands-on moderation. They are making an unwise attempt to mostly moderate based on flagged posts which are likely forwarded somewhere for consideration/action. 

    Let it go Pike - these forums are not making money and there is no conspiracy. If Softy went away for a few weeks the forums would not have any less traffic or engagement. Same goes for you, or me. Admittedly if you left it would be more pleasant here but it wouldn't change traffic. 

    If wants more traffic on these forums they would add direct links to the forums, feature quotes from the forums on the home pages and links to the pages in question. They would do more to make the forums searchable in Google. None of that happens because getting more nut jobs in here posting is not high on their list of to dos. 

    I know this ruins your softy fantasy but I have a lot of experience in web business and from your comments it's clear you do not. 

    The reason I put up with softy despite his inappropriate political asides is that he tries to post on baseball which you generally do not. Tough to face for you perhaps, but true. This forum seems to torture your soul and yet you love the torture. hmmm...

    On the subject of Bradley at this point it's hard to argue against sending him down when Poppy gets back. It was not a mistake to bring him up and he has too much confidence to be damaged by this experience, but might as well get the extra year on his contract and give him more chances to develop, as Pedroia had.