In response to softlaw2's comment:

 Of course if a player is making more than the Major League Minimum they should be in there for every inning of every game; is that correct Softy???

No, Mad, a player making 9.75 million needs to be inthere for every inning of every game. S. Drew has delivered!

12 games in, it's nice to see one stupid poster say "I think he is our starting CF'er next year but he needs to work".

So let's get this straight if they are making $9.5 they should be in there every "Game"--

Let me revise slightly April --17 Games in 18 days---May--- 30 Games in 31 days. I think I'm seeing your "illogical" train of thought---we are talking about "Games"--that's not real work it's kids stuff. Now I see where you are coming from...because you would never expect someone to work 47 days out of 49 days---you wouldn't do it, so why would you expect someone else to do it unless they are making 9.5----BINGO.