Brian Wilson

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    Brian Wilson

    G'day guys,


    hardly the the most interesting thread but I met Brian Wilson tonight in a bar in Bondi, Sydney. Absolute legend of a guy said he's an enormous Red Sox fan and offered to pitch for us next year for half what the Dodgers paid. Was disappointed we weren't interested but said he roots for us all the same. In case you're interested you can see our pic on Instagram @matt_brun


    Happy Bew Year!

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    Re: Brian Wilson

    Love the Beach Boys,  Glad 2  c u got an early start on your New Years Eve, but it is Australia, right!

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    Re: Brian Wilson


    That's cool!!!   Laughing

    Whenever I see an MLB player in public, it is hard for be to remain calm.   LOL

    Me: "Mr. Epstein........its such an honor to meet you, may I please have your autograph?"

    Epstein: "After the game."

    Me: "Thank you Mr. Epstein and my apologizes for disturbing you.  I look forward to seeing you shortly after the game."

    Epstein: "....................................."