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I'm sure Buccholz got so excited that his team won that he forgot his own physical condition and started to celebrate with his teammates.

For some to say that Buccholz is soft is a bunch of monkey dung.  I'm sure most of us would not even be good enough to play in single-A let alone, deal with the Boston media.  So let's give Buchholz more support and wish him a fast and full recovery.   Laughing 




And please tell me from a physiology and anatomy position why it is dangerous for him to jog onto a field and celebrate.  And why that puts stress on him and does not differentiate from the max effort delivery that triggers his condition.  How is a celebration FUNCTIONAL to his condition?  







Anybody can answer this quesiton if they so feel inclined to have an actual conversation.




Still waiting for an answer on this one from all the haters???


Really no surprise I'm not getting one.  People who come in here and throw mud and insults never seem to want to have a real baseball conversation and answer relevant questions with logical answers.

Anyone? (tumbleweeds)

Pain is experienced different in different people.  Some people can endure more pain than others.  Pain receptors may be more accute in some people.  It all depends on the physiological makeup of a person. 

Another reason is metabolism.  With one person, 400mg of motrin, for example, would do the trick, yet another person may require double the dose.  It could mean that some people are rapid metabolizers whereas others are slow metabolizers.  These are all things that make a difference.

There are many factors contributing to pain sensation and to the pharmacological response to medicine and injury. Hence, it's impossible to gauge a persons pain generically.  It's another mystery of medicine yet to be refined.

So, we really don't know how Buchholz really feels.  Only he does.