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    Re: Buchholz

    Sindarin... since you have been a die hard that long, I support your right to vent, but don't give up til it's officially over.  As far as Bucholz, why would they risk his long term health (WHEN healthy that kid can flat out pitch) for one or two starts this year? The Sox are going to be a WS contender 4 years to come...they gotts think more about the future with a quality young pitcher like Clay.
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    Re: Buchholz

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    Thats the problem, if a guy is still throwing off flat ground...he isnt healthy and its tough to get in game condition with so little time left in the season....like you said, it may not be worth the risk unless he's 100%. Its going to be tough to win a series unless Beckett and Lester go out there and throw lights out...cant trust Bedard, and dont want to have to trust Lackey.
    Posted by gbman87603

    Thought I heard them say tonight during the game that today was his first throw session off the mound. I believe it got cut short because of rain. Might have only been 15 pitches er something?