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reality is nobody knows what truly could have happened if Miggy was healthy. 

Maybe he wouldn't have done anything.

Maybe he would have 2-3 more HR's and 5 more RBI's and the Tigers would have taken the series.

Maybe he would have that added production but it would have came in their two wins.

Perhaps he pushes the series to a game 7.

We just don't know.

What would have happened if Middlebrooks, Salty, Drew, or Napoli got really hot? or two of them got really hot?

What if Bailey and Hanarhan stayed healthy and pitched like the late inning all-stars they once were????

What if Drew went down in August and Bogaerts was a starter at this point and was playing at a premium level???

we just don't know.

It very well could have changed the series, or he may have put up some more numbers with little to no impact at all. 

You play em for a reason.  And you don't get this far by who losses, or how they lose.  It's all about winning at this point.  We could have hoped for the Dodgers or the Braves, or Maybe St. Louis is the team we want to play but you can't get this far without having a very tough team in front of you.

In some ways it felt like we got beat around in the ALCS but we still came out in 6 games, not 7.  If Detriot edged this series out they would probably feel the same way considering how the games were played.

This is playoff baseball people....lets enjoy it. 

sure we do.....If Cabrera was healthy no way the Sox pitchers attack him.  They walk him.  The next factor is how did the guy behind him look this series? Answer.  Terrible.  Therefore, we still most likely win.  Can I prove it?  Nope, impossible.  But basic logic supports the premise.

Basic logic does not support the outcome, because with such a thin margin in this series and between every game to begin with you can't predict with 100% certainty when you change the variables.  

We just don't know.  I'd bet we'd still win the series.....but we can't say with absolute confidence that that would be the outcome. 

I was pretty clear indicating that I couldn't prove it.  But given that Fielder would have been forced to beat us, we clearly win. 

Yes but Fielders results are a product of the outcome to every pitch he saw, that sequence changes if there are more men on base when he comes up.  For all we know....Fielder could have ended up doing even worst. 

I agree, I think we still win.  The idea that we can't prove it is why I'm saying we can't be 100% certain.  If we could be....we could prove it.