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Can the Yankees get better this year?

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    Re: Can the Yankees get better this year?

    I'm the first guy to trash the Yankees, but Michael Pineda is a potential ace, and Sabathia has been much better than his results the past few games.  Add Kuroda to the mix, and what rotation matches up better 1-3?  The Yankee offense is no worse than the Rays offense of the past several years, and they are about to replace Nix with Jeter and one of Wells / Ichiro with Granderson.  A month ago I was more worried about the Rays and Jays, but right now I think the Yankees are the team to watch over our shoulder.

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    Re: Can the Yankees get better this year?

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    IRT the OP, I do not believe they can better without discarding with the $189M.  They only have two AS's and one is a FA and one is retiring.

    Some will have a fit, but it is time to clean house.  The middle path of $189M is seemingly impossible.  

    Assuming they re-sign Can for say $22M, they have about $100M committed to Tex, Cano, ARod, Jeter, Wells, Ichiro, and Gardner.  

    Assuming no addition at catcher and DH, that's an average offense at best.  The rotation is CC, Pineda, Phelps, Nova?  So if you re-sign Kuroda and Pettitte, your rotation is up to $55M.

    So you're up to $155M without a closer, the rest of the BP, and the bench.

    They'll be okay at $189M, but that's about it, imho.



    The Yankees this season are where the Sox were last season prior to the trade.

       Very true.

      It's too bad the Dodgers only have a need for a 2nd baseman at this time and rather than trade for Cano will mount a full scale price war when he becomes a free agent.

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    Re: Can the Yankees get better this year?

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    You may glory in a team triumphant......
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    Let's not bury the Yankees just yet.  They often resemble that proverbial cat with nine lives.  Right now they are near the bottom in run scored among Major League teams, but they will be getting Jeter and Granderson back and they do have good pitching, especially in the last two innings.  I'm more concerned about what WE are going to do to upgrade our bullpen and maybe our starting rotation---and when the devil is Buchholz coming back?  We really need him.