Can we fire Bogar already?

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    Re: Can we fire Bogar already?

    I think you have to put some blame on the players as well, not because they go,(they are only doing what they are told) but for not slapping that thoughtless extra bag at third Bogar when they get back into the dugout. If i got thrown out by that much, i would surely ask him what the hell he was thinking.
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    Re: Can we fire Bogar already?

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    "fivekatz" response to your post, if Bogar's other duties (admittedly if he has any) are a reflection of his 3rd base coaching fiasco's, then Bogar would be inept at that also.  Pertaining to Francona's constant decisions to let his starters go 5 even if they appear to be pitching poorly for the sake of not using bullpen arms early in a game, then maybe the solution would be to carry more arms on the roster, whether they be from A, AA, AAA, or other sources and carry less utility/bench players whether it be McDonald, or, Cam who very rarely get to play.  While I respect your thoughts and others on this board, I will always believe, right or wrong, that it is more important to play for a win today and not so much tomorrow.  I'm well aware of the importance of looking ahead when it comes to making in game decisions, but not to the point of forsaking an opportunity to get a win today for the team.  As it turned out, the game was a blowout for the Sox, but even when the Sox were up 8-2, you can't tell me that you weren't squirming in your seat considering the way Lester was pitching, and then when the Cubbies scored 3 more to make the game 8-5, you must of had the thought at that point that Lester didn't have it, and that we could still lose the game for the sake of saving bullpen arms.  Personally, I have a hard time understanding the logic of not playing for a win today as opposed to looking ahead. 
    Posted by lucbom

    I'll leave the Bogar thing pretty much where it stands but the idea that you said he is a bad coach in addition to be a bad 3B coach but you have no idea whatelse he does answered my question.

    Yes it was not comforting that Lester did not take the run support and run with it. But Tito had faith in his starter to get him deeper into the game and keep the bullpen short. And newsflash, it worked. He also had confidence that Atch could give him 3 innings and newsflash, it worked.

    Ideally one of your aces should make it easier to protect the bullpen from getting over used to the point it cripples you for days. But it isn't just playing for the win today rather than the win tomorrow. It is avoiding crippling your bullpen for 4-5 games. If I am going to stick with somebody in the next three days in the face of an adverse showing rather pull a quick hook, it isn't going to be Aceves or Wakefield.

    The RS do not have any scheduled days off anytime soon. The have made a number of roster moves making it hard to move guys like Bowden back up to get fresh arms. Aceves is starting for the first time in over a year. Wake is old enough that some might question whether he wore the throw backs they are wearing today when they were the current uniform.

    So it wasn't just having to go to the bullpen last night, it was the chances are pretty good they will be going to the bullpen today and tommorow. Three days deep into your bullpen as you hit the road is not a good way to go. It was a gamble, it worked.

    Only on BDC can you find people with the benefit of hindsight arguing that the manager screwed up because he did not see what did not happen and 48 hours later with the benfit of hindsight that the manager should have seen what did happen before it happened.

    As for carrying more arms on the roster you are kidding right? The RS have only one extra IF, 2 OF and 1 catcher right now. They carrying 12 pitchers which is the max anybody in MLB carries.

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    Re: Can we fire Bogar already?

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    Lester wasn't at his best last night but, giving up 3 more was a direct result of A-Gon "Gold Glove" missing a throw from Lowery and Lowery not getting the ball closer. Lester should have been out of that inning !!
    Posted by ALaGatorAL

    No question about your post. They claim that Lester is ok. Lowey makng a bad throw to A Con is happening every day by some team or another.Those physical errors happen evey day by some team. Jeter to Texiera had the same experience just a few days ago. Bogar is not mentally in the game. He only needs arms and a strong voice to get his job done right. Dump him!
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    Re: Can we fire Bogar already?

    Bogar is terrible...end of story
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    Re: Can we fire Bogar already?

    I usually never make negative posts about the team, not a "policy" I have, but I believe the things they do are because they know better than I, and are considering things I have no knowledge of. But, I have to admit, I just don't get the third base coach.