Cano no-no-no you didn't!

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    Cano no-no-no you didn't!

    if it is one thing we have learned over the past decade....they will deny and deny and deny but when it comes down to what the truth really is...the player is usually guilty.

    Major League Baseball, however, has possession of a Biogenesis client roster that lists the spokeswoman, Sonia Cruz, and is investigating whether Cano had any relationship to the clinic, sources familiar with MLB's investigation told "Outside the Lines."

    Cano has denied knowing clinic founder Tony Bosch or having ever used performance-enhancing drugs. But as his best friend, Melky Cabrera, his mentor, Alex Rodriguez, and now his spokeswoman have all been connected to clinic documents, MLB wants to know whether any relationship between Cano and the clinic exists.

    When initially contacted by "Outside the Lines" last month, Cruz said she could not speak about the clinic and said, "I need to talk to Scott," referring to Cano's agent at the time, Scott Boras. Boras has since been replaced by agents at the Creative Artists Agency, but at the time said Cano had no connection to the clinic.

    When reached again on her mobile phone Monday, Cruz denied having ever been a Biogenesis client.

    So far almost 30 major and minor league baseball players have been connected to the clinic, including Rodriguez, Cabrera, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and Francisco Cervelli. Cabrera, who served a 50-game suspension after a positive PED test last season, has declined comment, while the others have denied receiving or using PEDs. MLB has not interviewed Cano or any of the players but has been in talks with the MLB Players Association to set up interviews with any players connected to the clinic.



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    Re: Cano no-no-no you didn't!

    Probably still a lot more players doing it than we know about right now.

    on another subject...I apologized to you on page 2 on the "as CONSTRUCTED" thread. I didnt realize I clicked your post. It was meant for Bill. Ive never had an issue with you.

    I noticed you reposted your comment and figured you didnt see mine.