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Carl Crawford: Yesterday & Today

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    Re: Carl Crawford: Yesterday & Today

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    Jim Davis said I have no idea what I'm talking about. And he does? Get a life! Prove what I said was wrong. You can't. Crawford was coming off a career year. Any GM knows never overpay for anyone coming off a career year. Guess your hero never got the memo.
    Posted by tbrod

    While have have always been totally against the CC signing from before we even signed him, CC's "career year" of 2010 was not that much better than any other season from 2004 to 2010, excluding his injury year of 2008.

    His career high in BA was .315 in 2007.
    His career high in OBP was .364 in 2009
    His 2010 career high Slg% of .495 was not much higher than other years, such as .482 in 2006 and .469 in 2005.
    His best SB and SB% years were: (SB/CS)
    2006: 58/9  
    2003: 55/10
    2009: 60/16
    2004: 59/15
    2005: 46/8
    2007: 50/10
    The year 2010 was his 7th best SB year (47/10)

    He is 29 years old and supposedly had 2-3 more years of prime left.

    I am still against the signing, but I do not think Theo based it on just CC's 2010 season.

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    Re: Carl Crawford: Yesterday & Today

    In Response to Carl Crawford: Yesterday & Today:
    Crawford Yesterday: Career: .441 SLG  .775 OPS  HR 12 RBI 71 (Crawford multi-year is this) 2010    .495 SLG  .851 OPS  HR 19  RBI 90  All Career highs (Theo Pd for this)  Buyer: Theo Epstein  20M/base 142M guaranteed Crawford Today: 2011   .385 SLG  .666 OPS HR *11 RBI *60   * projected Ellsbury Yesterday: Career .428 SLG  .779 OPS HR 12 RBI 67 (Ellsbury multi-years is this)  Ellsbury Today: 2011   .509 SLG  .884 OPS HR*23 RBI*90 All Career highs  By buying Crawford and setting the record market for this position profile, Theo has done two things: 1. Made a fool of himself for absurdly overpaying for Crawbust 2. Bid up the post FA price for the same type of profile player he will not be able to extend 3. Made a fool of himself by having to lie to the press about a serious attempt to extend Ellsbury, when, given the Crawbust bed, there is no way he will ever be given settlement authority to meet the FA demands of Boras/Ellsbury. Epstein is boxed in, completely, as the entire world knows that he could have simply passed on Crawbust to the Angels for 75% of his current base, and budgeted the same amount for a complimentary RH young OF'er and towards Ellsbury extension or FA bidding. There is zero chance Ellsbury will be with the Red Sox beyond 2013, but Theo will not tell Red Sox fans that. The comment about the extension efforts is a PR and pitiful save face false front. Henry needs to take the T-Bird away from Theo, and increase the E&O GM insurance. Once one who gave Theo the benefit of the doubt, there can be no doubt that he's worse than George Allen, DC GM.  Theo should admit his mistake, internally, and get on the phone and try and capture the only chance he has to cut his loss on Crawbust. He should call Colletti and try and convince him that Ellsbury isn't Crawford, he's Ty Cobb in his prime, but the Red Sox can't afford two Crawford profiles and, for Kemp and an extension, Colleti can have Ellsbury's 2.4 and his choice of Lowrie or Middlebrooks and his choice of Hassan or Brentz and his choice of Doubrant or Weiland. Few understand that it is Agon who has made life better for those hitting near him, but the Red Sox have a gaping long term and short RH slugging OF hole that, if filled, could turn them from slight underdogs to even or slight favorites if it ends up Phillies and Red Sox. But more importantly, it would construct the OF with proper complimentary balance for years to come. Bottom line, it's obvious that Crawford makes dealing Ellsbury, now, for a RH OF slugging star, about as obvious as it can be. Epstein's savior has alway been the large number of emotionally driven Red Sox fans who like or dislike players for reasons that have nothing to do with value and fit. They are behind him 100% in buying long term on Ellsbury. Of course, that's not realistic, but it allows Theo to get a pass on simply punting on Crawbustbury and just allow the clock to run out.  Smart fans, Slomag and Burrito and perhaps one or two other "hateful" thinkers, understand that calling the Dodgers for a young RF star is the only way out of the long term corner that Theo has painted Henry, Werner, Luchino and the Red Sox organization into. But, hey, Theo, call Ellsbury a core member and make it more difficult to dig out that deep driven stake broken off in your rear end. Ignorant Red Sox fans are loving it and buying the highest point, hook line and sinker, and are distracted enough to lose interest in Crawbust as a 20M Red Sox career #6 hitter.   Go ahead and spend 54M for 2 years of Crawbustbury, and do a dumpster dive for some RH OF'er pipe dream. Keep telling Red Sox teenager fans that you are working hard on extending the wet dream of a poster who calls him Robin Yount's nickname, "the kid";)  Heaven help you if you trade the pink and police hat doted darling for Kemp, and put Reddick in CF and a long term extended Kemp in RF. There would be a flood of tears, followed by anger and outrage!  To my many kind fans on this NY Times board, I've been busy dealing with my "corpse" of clients from our 59 United States, preparing for the next federal approriation of private property to pay another year of entitlements for the aging and increasing number of indolent Wards of the State. Give The Man all the rope he asks for, so he doesn't have to choose between paying himself and the little old lady who will be forced to starve because of Big Oil, fat cats and those with no skin in the game.  Mr. John Henry, keep up the good Red Sox stewardship, and tell Mr. Luchino to shorten the leash on the ape suited fantasy baseball mind. You deserve better.            
    Posted by billbyboy

    This is the same pile he posted the other night 4 or 5 times on as many threads, sowing his tares among Sox wheat. He's very proud of it. Now rather than just posting it as a response to the pro-Crawbury sentiment that is now generally abroad, he's decided to make it an OP to attract more attention. We're supposed to be in awe of his thundering intellect. It's why he didn't show up during the game threads Saturday, he was busy authoring this & the equally interminable one about Jacoby Ellsbury. He's just like babe. All that'd have to happen is for everyone on here to put them both on "ignore" and we'd never even see their posts. Highly recommend that be done, unless you enjoy doing battle with trolls--which some of us admittedly do sometimes.