Carlos Beltran

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    [QUOTE]I agree the Sox need to get younger...I think I read somewhere that the Sox are the oldest team in the majors.  No wonder with players like Wake, Varitek and Papi on the roster.  Even the Yanks look young compared to the Sox.  Young players don't tend to break down at the end of the season like those on the Sox seem to do year after year.  Look at TB and see how they compete with young players that almost never go on the DL.
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    This, from the same guy who thought re-signing Scutaro was a no-brainer. So, it's ok to have a 36 y/o mediocre utility guy to play SS, but not the best DH in the league?
    Make up your mind.
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    Re: Carlos Beltran

    Kubel is a horrific OF.  He could probably handle LF at Fenway, but certainly not RF

    One interesting name is a non-tender candidate - Delmon Young.

    He could get about $6-7 in arbitration this year, so Detroit might simply let him walk.  (I do doubt it, but it it out there.  MLBTR considers him a non-tender candidate.)

    Young is not a good defensie OF, but does have an outstanding arm in terms of both strength and accuracy.  The ball goes where he wants it to, and fast.   He has never lived up to his potential as a hitter, but is also only 26, and its not like he has been an abysmal offensive player, just one who has not justified his unanimous top prospect status.

    He does have a lot of issues in the past, though none in the past couple years - hopefully suggesting he has grown up a little.  The bat/umpire incident, for example, was over 5 years ago.  not sure how relevant it is today.

    One huge issue could be Carl Crawford.  When Tampa dealt young and teammate Elijah Dukes, CRawford was very public with how much better the clubhouse was.  for all I know, he might have be referring solely to Dukes.  Or maybe Young has grown up since and is a lot more pleasant.  Either way, it does appear the two do not get along very well, or at least did not back then.

    I think of Young as unlikely, but he is pretty much exactly what Sox fans are looking or this offseason - a young, power-hitting OF who can play RF.

    I think Detroit tenders him a deal.  And the Sox pass on him even if the Tigers non-tender him...
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    Re: Carlos Beltran

    notin, saw that on Delmon, but talk about bad Outfielders!!! Did you see him in the playoffs in left. Completly lost out there.

    He will be motivated this year as Tigers appears  don't see him in future plans.
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    Re: Carlos Beltran

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    [QUOTE]THe important thing is you are judging CJ Wilson on six games spread out over 2 years, a couple of which were actually good. Post-season statitistics are generally failry small samples sizes.  It really is usually best to ignore them.  A player who looks bad can have very solid post-season numbers after a good game or two. CJ Wilson just looks like a player who is going to get way too much attention this off-season and land himself a potentiall $100mill.  That is alot for a guy with 2 years starting exp.  And simply signing a guy because he is the "best available" is how we go Lackey...
    Posted by notin[/QUOTE]

    I tend to agree with your take on Wilson...He's a middle of the rotation starter on a good team, that is likely to command a Beckett type deal 5 or 6 years @ 17M per...That said, if they could sign him for Lackey moneys 5Y/85M. I do that deal. He'd slot in nicely with Lester, Beckett and Buccholz...He would also serve as a bridge to the future (Ranando & Barnes)...
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    Re: Carlos Beltran

    Beltrans new agent is Dan Lozano, who also reps Pujols and Rollins...
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    Re: Carlos Beltran

    Believe it or not, Rameriz only played 149 games in 2011, 124 games in 2010, 82 games in 2009 and 149 games in 2008.  He sounded like just like Youkilis in his last two years.  Rameriz just turned down his own option contract with the Cubs. Meaning, he is going to be agressive in the free agency market to try to get a big fat contract like Beltre did it last year.

    First I thought about him and also wanted him to play for Boston.   But the more I read about him, forget him!!!

    I just think that Youkilis is more likely not to get trade cuz Boston do not have much option on who should replace him at 3B.  Free agency for 3B arent that good.