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Cashman A, Cherington D-

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    Re: Cashman A, Cherington D-

    In response to ThefourBs' comment:

    I'd be really ticked off, if I were a halos fan.


    Looks like Wells has been dogging it in Anaheim.

    A huge, multi-year contract doesn't motivate you, but pinstripes do?

    actually wells is a case where spring training mattered

    the story goes he was watching vid in the winter and figured it out

    shorter swing hit more to all fields bla bla bla

    he was hitting 361/.390/.722 with four homers late in ST when

    Bcash traded for him w a very friendly lux tax deal 4 next yr

    so I give him credit 4 that move


    the bigger surprise is overbay

    Bcash gets no/little cred 4 that

    yanks were kinda desperate and ben handed him to ny

    my question is would theo just hand him to ny

    or would he have tried harder to

    trade/bury him in the minors some how / something

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    Re: Cashman A, Cherington D-

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment:

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment:


    In response to pumpsie-green's comment:


    A little early ain't it.

    Its actually a little late HFX. Ben should have been trading away some of the deadwood during the offseason in exchange for good prospects.


    Look, if it's much too early to say if Lester is out of the woods, it's certainly much too early to say if Cherington's offseason was a failure.

    Practice what you preach, my friend.

    Its two separate issues: one is about the PERFORMANCE of a player who had a bad year last year and the other is about a STRATEGY for the future of the teams. Apples and oranges.

    Well, my original comment to the original poster here was that it was too early to judge the PERFORMANCE of Cherington this offseason.  I hope that clears it up. 

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    Re: Cashman A, Cherington D-

    Cashman is on a roll.  Even NYY hater Sherman gave him his due this week:


    "But we also should recognize a front office for consistently finding useful-or-better pieces — for diving into the baseball dumpsters and emerging with, if not gems, certainly useful-or-better cogs.

    Look, if it were just one year in which the Yankees made small gambles on Russell Martin, Andruw Jones, Eric Chavez, Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Luis Ayala and Cory Wade, then we could say any team could get lucky. And if they followed that up with Raul Ibanez, Dewayne Wise, Jayson Nix, Ichiro Suzuki, Cody Eppley, Clay Rapada and Derek Lowe, then maybe we could talk about the fortune of lightning striking twice.

    But what do we make of another year? Of Hafner, Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay, who had two more huge at-bats and RBIs last night? Of Shawn Kelley and Vidal Nuno?"

    “Do they have big advantages, yes they do,” one rival general manager said. “But you can have advantages and squander them. They have become an organization that doesn’t panic, that sees the big picture and maximizes its resources. They are what scares smaller markets — the huge market that is run smartly and rather efficiently.”

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    Re: Cashman A, Cherington D-

    Possible DFA's from the Yankees as their 40 man expands:

    It's time  for BenC to begin the paring down process.