1. Buchholz and 2. Lester will both pitch well with Buch having more wins.  3. Tazawa best in the bullpen.  4. Webster starting by midseason. 

5. Bradley never goes to AAA.  

6. Ortiz plays fewer than 81 games.

7. Iglesias hits well enough to create SS controversy.

8. Ellsbury has a good season--better than 2009, not as good as 2011.

9. Napoli has a very good year--a bargain. 

10. Ross plays more games at C than Saltalamacchia. 

Not overly bold, but not bad.  10 looks bold right now.  Finn says catching wears Salty down and that Ross is better anyway, so Salty gets a lot of DH time--see Ortiz above.