Changes After Tonights Game

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    Re: Changes After Tonights Game

    bard and hill to bp....aceves gets it together...not sure with melacon.  Then you add cook to rotation and have dice k to replace cook or any other injuries.  Then you have cc coming back soon and jacoby and bailey by all star break.  Give this team time although I never liked bobby v, but these guys should still play ball regardless the manager.  Don't get the byrd signing at all cuz offense isn't the problem and hes not hitting anyways, plus cc will be back soon.  Lastly I think tazawa is for real and I've had high hopes for him pre tommy john.  Having aviles as the 9th hitter when jacoby gets back makes this lineup just as good as any team, including texas, nevermind if they decide to add lavarnway with salty.  Pitching, pitching, pitching....and clay will get better.  At least doubrant has better great.  Trying to be realistic, but also realize they have time and reinforcements assumming others don't get injured.  
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    Re: Changes After Tonights Game

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    1. Aaron Cook or Clayton Mortenson up Thomas gone.
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    Re: Changes After Tonights Game

    I think if Bard continues to improve and throws well against the yankees tomorrow, it would be a huge mistake to remove him from the starting rotation.  This kid could be a very good and cheap starter for the sox for many years to come, why make the mistake of sending him back and forth.  Where else do you get a starter of his potential that cheap without giving up half your farm system.   all of the good starters are signing extensions so there are no saviors on the market in the next few years unless you want to trade away the little we have left in the minors. 

    Lets all face it, this is the result of years of red sox philosophy of not paying for good relievers.  And lets face it, this is a .500 team and if they continue to play this bad by June, time to start rebuilding.  Youk, papi, beckett (no one will toiuch that 18 mill contract), bucholz, anderson, elsbury, and Doubront (unless he conti nues to imporve) should all be on the table.  Question is, aside from Elsbury, what are they worth????   

    I'm totally depressed about the condition of this team.  And this is not Valentine's fault.  He didn't build this cheap useless bullpen.