Since then, he went the entire winter and did nothing.

Since then, he's gone into June without a hint of doing more than putting Salty into the "Youk's old middle spot to replace aged out Manny" musical chairs!

"Showcasing" Youk is simply more incompetence on top of incompetence. It's embarrassing to see Middlebrooks on the bean counters bench, a young and athletic impressive compared to Youk fielder, not to even mention the hitting".

Then, the absurdity of putting 150 million owed in right field!

How 'bout platooning Youk in the lower part of the order and put the "I haven't had any trade value for years" Youk v. LP, in the smallest corner OF slot and making any necessary late inning defensive replacement!

Larry, stand up when these fantasy baseball bean counters make the most absurd decisions to try and save some life on a set of tires on the Rolls Royce that was purchased! Buy a set of tires! Stop cheating Red Sox fans on team performance value!